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Natural Flame motorcycle wraps for metric cruisers, bike wraps, flame wraps, 1997 Kawasaki Vulcan Classic 1500cc

complete bike wraps for sport curisiers from $65.00, contact for your custom bike wrapMotorcycle wraps for all brands, bike wraps, flame wraps for bikes all from PowerSportsWraps.comKawasaki motorcycle wraps, bike wrap, vinyl decals, flames for motorcycle, PowerSportsWraps.comNatural flame wraps on Kawasaki Curiser motorcycle. Contact

Special thanks to Brian Large for these great pictures of his custom 1997 Kawasaki Vulcan Classic 1500cc  vinyl flame wrap.  Brian contacted us over the winter & was so impressed with the wrapping film he purchased from us for his wife’s bike that he decided to wrap his Kawasaki in our Natural flames.  Just look at his gas tank & this will give you an idea of how well our products conform to the most curved surfaces of a motorcycle.  If you have a cruiser & are looking to change up the look give us a call… we can help.


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Harley Davidson Flame Wraps – Save Thousands $$ APPLICATION TIPS

Don’t Paint Your Harley! Wrap it with 814-838-6377Harley Davidson wrap technique & application idea for bagger

In the illustration of the tank you can see what the customer started with.


Take a 1/4″ roll of strip and outline the area you would like to cover  with the wrapping film.  Make sure to exceed the are you would like to cover by a minimum of 3/16″ due to shrink back. 

Next apply the wrap over top of the stripe exceeding the edge by over 1″.  Now you can see where the stripe is through the film by looking at the defined edge of the 1/4″ strip under the wrap.

Just take a razor blade & carefully cut to the edge of the stripe around the entire border.  Peel excess film and  zing…. you have the flames cut to shape on the surface of the tank or fender. 

Now if you would like you can peel the 1/4″ strip and relay it  again over the wrapping film by just a hair or you can leave what you did and start representing for 

 Just think how much you just saved by doing it yourself…

Call us today for your custom Harley wrap. 866-289-2358

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Harley Davidson vinyl flame wrap, Harley Flame, Harley flame decals, custom flames

Harley Davidson custom flame wrap for under $200.00 SAVE..custom bagger flame wrap decal kitHarley Davidson flame in vinyl wrapHarley Flames vinyl wrap from 

Yes, you can wrap a Harley Davidson with our vinyl wrap products, chances are we can save you $ Thousands. This bike was done for under $300.00. Imagine the possibilities with your bike.  

These pictures were submitted to us by one of our very happy customers Sheldon P.  He wanted a custom flame effect on his Harley Davidson but wanted to keep the price to fit his budget.  After some discussion we assisted Sheldon by giving him some application advice & tips so he would have an idea on how to apply the material.  One point was to keep the traditional Harley look & feel but give the bike some custom flame effects.  We helped him appreciate that you can use pinstripe to outline your warp and cut the material to the edge of the stripe giving you a nice finished even edge.  This way you do not have to cover the complete panel or you can use it as a stopping point and pick up on the other side of the stripe if you need to.  (more on that point in a later blog post)

Sheldon Had these comments: You called me about two weeks ago to see if I had ordered my flames going the right direction.  Here’s some before and after shots so you can judge for yourself. The pin stripe tape trick worked beautifully and gave me a perfect cut line for each panel.  I started with the right tank side since it was the easiest to get to.  I had some wrinkles (which I pulled out), but cut some wedges to get it to lay flat over the rounded tank.  Then I did the second tank side.  This time I heated the material and was able to perfectly stretch it over the rounded tank side – no wrinkles, no seams, a perfect fit!  I figured out that you can get pretty aggressive with this material on weird shapes.  It turned out so well that several of my friends asked me for the link to your site.  I even offered to help them apply it.  Thanks for a great product and an awesome result! I am a happy camper! -ShelHarley Davidson owners, Why Paint When You Can Wrap?  Do it your self vinyl wraps from:  Call us with your custom Harley wrap project 814-838-6377   

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KAWASAKI Z 1000 NEW NATURAL FLAME WRAP, Z1000 VINYL FLAME WRAP, Do it yourself Motorcycle Wrap


Oh my goodness your bike’s on fire!!!  This Kawasaki Z1000 was originally just a Red machine like every other Z 1000.  Jeremy contacted us with his idea and after a bit of discussion and measuring he purchased a custom made Real Flame “do it your self” vinyl wrap just for his bike.   His Kawasaki  was transformed into one of the hottest looking naked street bikes on the road.  These pictures are just a sample of what we can do for you for a fraction of the price of a custom air brush paint job & the cool thing is if you ever want to change the look of the bike you can remove the material will little to no left over adhesive.

JEREMY’S COMMENTS: When I first had thoughts of getting a custom paint job on my bike. I had no idea of the prices they would cost…. then I found and happen to find the exact design I wanted! and for WAY LESS then a paintjob! its rare, custom and looks real sharp now. I had no idea how good it would look… as each vinyl was installed I was eager to install the next….. once completed I took pictures and as you look at it on the website, I must say the pictures still dont do it justice!

thanx powersportswrap, pete I will tell everyone who wants custom cool looks on their bikes and other toys!

We just had to get these pictures posted for all of you road race & Street Stunt guys who are looking for an inexpensive way to change the look and color of your motorcycles.  Imagine how much a custom flame air-brush job would cost…. Thousands no doubt.  Jeremy completely wrapped his Kawasaki Z1ooo for under $400 bucks.  Some of you spend that on a Friday night out on the town.  Now can you see why vinyl wrapping your bike makes much more sense?

We have over 200 personal do it your self vinyl wraps for motorcycles & other power sports equipment to choose from.  If you would like we can custom create your motorcycle wrap that makes the statement you want.  If you race your bike or if you stunt ride let us know and we can incorporate your team logo or sponsors into your personal motorcycle wrap.

Contact us today with your street bike vinyl wrap project and we can discuss the details.



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Amazing digital print true flame, true fire, Natural Flame wrap on a brand new 2008 Kawasaki Ninja 250r.  How can we go over all those contours? All of our wrap products can be applied to surfaces like this.  How? Because all of our Body Skinz wrap kits are produced from a combination of our high performance wrapping film and a glossy protective over-laminate for protection & long lasting durability. In many applications this material is better than paint.  This is the same process all the NASCAR teams use.

With a bit of effort and the tools we provide including vinyl wrap application videos anyone can have a custom look.  We give you the tools, the confidence & the know how to do the job yourself “do it your self wraps”.   Contact us with any questions.

Imagine how much you would have to pay to have this airbrushed on your bike…. $$ thousands we know.

To do this New Natural Flame Wrap application we used 3 sheets of 30″x 30″ film. (around $300.00)  & a Saturday afternoon.  Not bad for results like this.

This was a custom application for a local customer we even included one of  our reflective wheel kits.

If you are interested in our reflective wheel kits or any of our wrap products just give us a call we have many colors available.   Call today and we can custom create a look that fits your machine and riding style.  We have cusom motorcycle wraps available for many types of motorcycles including the Can-Am Spyder.

To purchase this wrapping film CLICK HERE