How To Wrap Videos

These wraps are easy to install. Anyone can do it!
Feel free to watch the videos published below. – These cover everything from tools needed for your install to the proper application temperature. In addition, many feature useful application techniques to help you successfully install your cast wrapping film. If you have any questions, call us, we’re here to help. Another advantage when ordering with us is our Installation buddy program. Once you order your material an installation buddy will be assigned to you. Your buddy is there to help with any questions you have before, during or after your installation has been completed. This will give you the confidence and help you need to have a successful installation.

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How much wrapping material (sheets) do I need for my project?
Click here to view chart of estimated sheets needed based on vehicle type.

Visit our “>Frequently Asked Questions for more information about pricing, installation and more…

Installation Tips

Tip 1.
When estimating be sure to leave excess material around the edges of the area you would like to cover. You need enough material to exceed the edges so you have something to hold onto as you work the film down to the surface you are applying.When applying, do your best not to touch the adhesive side of the film as this will contaminate the adhesive and could hinder adhesion to the surface.

Be sure to add at least 3 inches in all directions. By having excess material this will insure that you will have enough film for coverage & you will not be contaminating the adhesive you are trying to apply.
Tip 2.
When determining “how much you need” for your project you can take some basic measurements that will help you. Simply measure the Height and length of the surface you would like to cover. Be sure to add at least 3″ to each side so you have excess material.

Once you know the height and length you can convert by adding the two together to determine sq foot.
Feel free to give us a call if you are unsure of how much you will need. You can also refer to our “HOW MUCH DO I NEED chart.

Factory Video on Vinyl Wrap Installation

This is a factory supplied video that helps give you some great tips on applying wrapping film in automotive applications. These tips can be applied no matter the item you are applying wrapping film to.

Honda Grom Installation Tutorial

How to apply a solid sheet of cast wrapping film

In this video, we show you some techniques that will contribute to a much easier installation. Remember to tighten the film as much as possible over the application surface before squeegeeing it down. See how..

Motorcycle Vinyl Wrap Tutorial

This video shows some basic techniques on how to apply a wrap to various parts of a motorcycle. See how using heat helps the film conform to the surface contours

Gloss Black Roof Wrap- 911 Carrera

This short video shows our team installing a roof wrap on a 911 Carrera.

Inspiration and Ideas:

This video helps you get an idea of various ways and products you can wrap. These are just a few project samples we have done over the years.

Hot to Mix application fluid and tape testing your surface