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Smart car full vinyl wrap

Recently we had a customer, Charlene contacted us from Pittsburgh PA and ask us if we can make their Smart car match the colors and graphics that are on their motor home. After some discussion and many drawings and edits we were able to create a look that they wanted for the car. To be sure we had the correct colors they wanted we sent some color samples out in the mail so these could be matched up with the motor home. We did the install in stages. First we had to apply the Brown metallic and the Gold accents on the car to change it from Blue to Brown. Once the Smart car full vinyl wrap was applied then the next step was to apply the Gold graphics and accents. These were created to match the motor home theme to complete the look.






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SMART car custom flames

We car create whatever look you want for your SMART car.

Here are some photos of a SMART car that we designed & installed these custom flames for. Our customer traveled from Canada to see us for this install & actually this was his 3rd visit to our shop. We really appreciate our customers and their loyalty as they continue to come back & see us.

I guess this is says a lot about how we choose to do business. The flames you see here were produced on a cast transparent wrapping film & have a glossy sheet laminate applied as well. Our customer wanted to make his SMART car stand out from all the others but not go to crazy with the flames. I think the final results were just enough.. & so did he. If you have a vehicle that you would like to have wrapped or custom graphics designed for, feel free to contact us & we can see how we can help. We have over 200 wrap patterns on our website with thousands more to choose from within our reach. What’s your vinyl wrap idea?  CONTACT US TODAY WITH YOUR PROJECT REQUEST!!