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Perforated window film used on car dealer showroom, clearview perf

This is a great example of how our perforated window film can be used not only for advertising but also in this case to save on energy bills.  We applied our 50/50 perforated window film on this car dealer show room to help cut down on the amount of sunlight that penetrates the showroom.  By using the film it only let in 50% of the suns rays therefor cutting down on energy bills & on the heat in the showroom.  This also aided the sales people who sat in front of the glass at their desks for burning up in the sun.  Perforated window film is a great way to advertise on outer glass without sacrificing your view from the inside of the building looking out.  If you are looking to grab your customers attention & do not have the sign space on your building consider using you glass as a way to do so.  Photos, text, images, custom design anything can be produced on perforated window film.  Automotive applications are available as well.

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