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Harley-Davidson Bagger Blue Flame vinyl wrap, Ultra Classic


Harley Davidson custom flames, many colors to choose from.. better than paint, peel & stick apply- PowerSportsWraps.comHarley Davidson custom flame wrap, decals and more. Do it yourslef apply easy peel and stick PowerSportsWraps.comHarley Davidson Flame wrap, decals, baggar wrap by

Special thanks to Tom who sent us his photos of his 2011 Ultra Classic Harley-Davidson Bagger with a custom Blue flame wrap design we produced just for him.  Tom asked us if we could make pieces for various sections of his bike.  We custom designed his art based on his provided dimensions & here is the final result.  Just imagine what this would cost from a custom air-brush artist…. OUCH!!  Tom has less than $350. invested in this custom do it yourself flame wrap.  If you have a Harley-Davidson & are looking for an inexpensive way to dress it up, you need to contact us to let us show you what we can do for you.  Why Paint when you can wrap??  Save big..   Shop our HUGE vinyl wrap store for ideas and pattern selections. 

Phone: 866-289-2358

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Harley Davidson Flame Wraps – Save Thousands $$ APPLICATION TIPS

Don’t Paint Your Harley! Wrap it with 814-838-6377Harley Davidson wrap technique & application idea for bagger

In the illustration of the tank you can see what the customer started with.


Take a 1/4″ roll of strip and outline the area you would like to cover  with the wrapping film.  Make sure to exceed the are you would like to cover by a minimum of 3/16″ due to shrink back. 

Next apply the wrap over top of the stripe exceeding the edge by over 1″.  Now you can see where the stripe is through the film by looking at the defined edge of the 1/4″ strip under the wrap.

Just take a razor blade & carefully cut to the edge of the stripe around the entire border.  Peel excess film and  zing…. you have the flames cut to shape on the surface of the tank or fender. 

Now if you would like you can peel the 1/4″ strip and relay it  again over the wrapping film by just a hair or you can leave what you did and start representing for 

 Just think how much you just saved by doing it yourself…

Call us today for your custom Harley wrap. 866-289-2358