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New Natural Flame


We have worked so hard to create a realistic fire look that is so real you have people pulling fire alarms where ever you go. Take a look at our REAL FLAME we guarantee you never seen flames like these before.  Imagine what they would look like on your machine, or sport vehicle.  We have many styles of burn as well to be sure you get the effect your looking for.  Need Custom sizing for a larger project? Just give us a call at 1-866-289-2358.  Check out these fantastic high detail digital vinyl wraps. All come with, application squeegee and more…  NOTE: the base color of this flame is solid Black and will not allow the color of your machine to show through.   Be sure to click on the main image to see full sheet view.  Choose the style that suits your project the best.  We are offering 2 hood / tank  options and 4 side options.  For tips on motorcycle wraps see the suggestions at the bottom of this page. 

General Wrap Application Instructions

If you are wrapping a golf car, we offer this wrap in a kit–please visit our sister site New Natural Flame


For Motorcycle wraps we recommend these sheets-  Gas tank: part numbers- 105 or 805 burn Bottom to top (shorter sheet dimension 24″,28″, 36″) which means the sheet will be longer to wrap around the sides of the tank. Normally the dimension from the seat to the bars is much shorter than from side to side.  Side Panels: You will need to order mirror images of each sheet keeping in mind you want your flames to burn from front to back on both sides of the bike.  Our part number 806 and 807 work the best since the flames are more consistent as they travel the long way (48″) down the sheet.  Many times you can use your scraps to do smaller panels as well. 806 and 807  sheets also work great on front and rear fenders for those who want more flame and less solid Black.   

Comes with Application Squeegee Tool and Instructions w/access to application video

Cast High Performance Air Release Wrapping Film paired with Cast Sheet Laminate.
Ultra Durable Sub Surface Image
UV, Scratch & Chemical Resistant
Do it yourself Easy Apply Peel & Stick Application


Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Choose Your Size:

24×48, 28×48, 36×48

Choose Your Finish:

Glossy, Matte

Choose your Flame Burn Direction:

East-West Burn-FLM 806 NFM, Hood Burn-FLM 105 NFM, Left Side-FLM 809 NFM, North-South Burn-FLM 805 NFM, Right Side-FLM 808 NFM, West-East Burn-FLM 807 NFM


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