How Many Sheets Do I Need?

The following chart can be used to figure out how many sheets of wrapping film are estimated to complete your project. To figure square footage multiply length x width.  Ex: 2’x4′ = 8 sq ft.  Not sure if you can do it yourself? View our video tutorial & helpful tips on installing vinyl wraps.

Vehicle Type Description Dimensions
Sport Bike 40 square feet
Bagger Street Bike 56 square feet
ATV- Golf Car 40 square feet
Snowmobile 40 square feet
Utility Vehicle/Side x Side 64 square feet
Mini-Truck 96 square feet
Watercraft/Jetski (2 person) 80 square feet
Jeep CJ/JK -(2 door not including the top) 130 square feet
Compact Trucks-4Dr Jeep Wrangler 176 square feet
Mid-Size Trucks, Dakotas, Toyota Tacoma, comparably sized vehicles. 210 square feet
Standard Full Sized SUV 240 square feet
Extended Cab Large SUV, Suburban, Hummer, Tahoe, Expedition, 280 square feet