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New Blue Flame, Flame wrap on a golf car, Vinyl flame wrap, do it your self wraps

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Name: Pat Paget
Model: Club Car DS
Product: Blue-Black Flame vinyl wrap
The service was great! It took about 5 business days to receive the wrap, and I waited another week to attempt the project.
I could tell upon opening the package that this was a great quality product. The wrap was sturdy and thick.
I was very intimidated to attempt the wrap, but i spent a day doing prep work. The first step was to remove everything and clean the cart using simple green. I removed the roof and painted it black. I removed all of the seats, decals, etc. Before applying the wrap, the cart was wiped with denatured alcohol. I first applied the strip under the seat, as this did good to start a base.This was the easiest piece to install. Next was the sides. My wife and I applied the wrap and it was a big project.
I felt comfortable that i had the number to call for install help, though i didn’t use it. I used the hair dryer the seal everything – it seemed to adhere better, but tended to wrinkle or bubble up when i used it before applying. You cant be scared to really pull or stretch the wrap. It did take a few hours of work, and you must be patient with the material. Overall it probably took about 5 hours start to finish, and do not try to do this wrap alone. The wrap came with a squeegee and we also purchased another. We were very satisfied with the finished product. It was some work, but are very satisfied with the results. Everyone rubbernecks when they see us cruising our golf car around the neighborhood, and asks us where we got it painted. Most people have no idea that it is a wrap.


Patrick Paget

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Cruiser wraps, Bike Wraps, Blue Black Flame decals for motorcycles, Do it yourself wraps

Do it yourself bike wraps… just peel, stick & ride, wrap & roll vinyl wraps for all makes PowerSportsWraps.comcustom bike wraps from, Why paint when you can wrap? Save $$ Do it your self wraps ready to ship, PowerSportsWraps.comCustom flame wrap on a cruiser bike, Do it your self wraps, bike wraps from 

Our Customer Brian Large said about his Blue Black flame bike wrap:

Well as you can see i never got around to taking those pictures of my wifes bike. I have been working long hours and so we havent rode for a while. I did however look through some of our pictures we have and found these. The coolest thing about her bike is that the fire on the tank looks like a face. You can clearly see it in the photo. These wraps are easy to do if you take your time with it. The key here is patience ! I am very impressed with your product. hers has been on for over a year now and looks just like it did when we first wrapped it. I would highly recommend this product to anyone wanting to drastically change the appearance of their ride without spending an absolute fortune !
Thanks Pete and !

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Choose from our huge selection of vinyl “do it your self” wraps: Flame wraps, Skull wraps, Animal hide & fur wraps, custom wraps, car wraps, truck wraps, camo wraps & much more… Why pay someone else to apply your wrap when we provide you will all the necessary tools and know how to successfully apply your own wrap.  Save money on your vinyl wrap and call us first.  Great products, the best service, fast shipping what more could you ask for?? 



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