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Riveted Metal Green BIKE WARPS, MOTORCYCLE WRAP, STUNT BIKE WRAP, STUNTER, Kyle Sliger, Wheele Industries

Kyle Sliger stunt rider Wheele industriesRiveted Metal Green (MTL-165-RMG) stunt bike wrap from PowerSportsWraps.comstunt bike decals, stunt bike wrap in Riveted Metal Green MTL-165-RMGstunt bike wraps, bike wraps, motorcycle wraps, stunter, stunt bike, stunt decals, stunt graphics, motorcycle decals, motorcycle graphics, racing wraps, racing decals, racing bike decals, racing graphics, race bike stickers, stunt r, stunt n, competition wraps, metal wraps, metal vinyl, vinyl wrap,

Special thanks to the amazing talents of Kyle Sliger stunt rider for Wheele industries out of Fort wayne IN. 

Kyle had this to say: I love the wrap. It turned out great.  And it was simple and you guys are reliable.  Had no worries  Ill be sure to call you guys for any other needs of business in the future .     

Amazing stunt video of  Kyle in action here:

Stunt bike wraps from… Riveted Metal Green . Wrap a complete Sport Bike for $325.00 save $$ do it your self vinyl wraps.  We provide you with all you need for a successful wrap application. Over 200 patterns now available.  Custom Sport Bike wraps are inexpensive when compared to custom air brush. You can apply the wraps yourself with our do it yourself wrap application videos. Don’t pay to have this applied do it yourself.

See our complete line:


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Ninja 650R wrap, Ninja 650R Decals, Ninja 650R graphics, Ninja 650 R, Motorcycle wraps, Ninja wrap

Ninja 650R wrap, stunt bike decals, stunt bike, motorcycle decals, motorcycle wraps, street bike wrap, street bike decals, checker flag decal, Kawasaki, Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Ducati, under tail wrap, under tail kitStreet bike vinyl wrap, Ninja 650R wrap, Checker flage wrapNinja wrap, motorcycle wraps, Ninja 650R, Ninja 650R wrap, Ninja 650R decals, Ninja graphics, Ninja 650 R, Ninja checker flag, street bike wrap, stunt bike wraps, stunt bike vinyl, stunt bike

Street bike wraps are the latest thing in do it your self motorcycle customizing.  Why pay someone thousands to custom paint your bike when you can apply one of our custom digital vinyl wraps to your motorcycle?  Just look at this Kawasaki Ninja 650R that  our customer Jason has.  He was looking for an inexpensive way to dress up his bike and give it that personal touch.

With our do it your self wraps Jason found out how easy it is.  He placed his order with us online and ordered 1 sheet,  within a few day he recieved his bike wrap ready to be applied.  It looks like he would have paid hundreds of dollars yet in reality this street bike wrap project cost him less than $70.00.  How can you go wrong???  A complete checker  flag tail wrap for under $100 where else but

JASON WRITES AFTER HIS APPLICATION: a hair dryer and a little time and my bike is no longer just another green ninja! great product, great price.  thanks

If you have a street bike, stunt bike, Harley or another type of power sports machine and are looking for an inexpensive way to dress it up call us today & we can create the look you want at a price you will not believe.




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ninja1.jpgninja-250.jpgLime Green Kawasaki Monster Bike

Monster scales wrapping film has arrived.  Our Lime Green Monster is a great pattern for the customer who want to stand out from all the rest.  We Offer Monster Scale wrapping film in a number of colors including: Black Monster, Lime Green Monster, Brown Monster, Red Monster, Purple Monster wrapping film.  Monster scales look great on Motorcycles as you can see from this customer who wrapped his Kawasaki completely in Lime Green Monster Scales.  If you would like to stand out from all the others take a look at this Monster link

Here were some comments he sent to us after visiting Daytona with his Monster Bike: I am starting to get more people asking questions about the vinyl wrap other than “looks good”, so hopefully people are starting to see the advantages of wrapping instead of painting. I led a group of 10 bikes out to Leesburg Bike fest this past Saturday and had a friend of mine scratch his tank with his tank bag in a couple of spots, so I said “see, if your paint was wrapped like mine, you wouldn’t have damaged the paint, just the vinyl if anything”. I have dropped sockets and parts on my tank while working on it and have not done any damage, so the vinyl offers a great level of protection to the bodywork.



Monster scales RedMonster Purple wrap materialMonster Lime Green Wrapping film material