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Urban Camo Blue-Gray (Micro) is a super pattern to use if you are looking to cover a smaller surface area like this YAMAHA WR250X Super Moto bike.  As you can see this custom motorcycle wrap works very well for an application like this.  All of our Urban Camouflage is available in the “Micro” which is much smaller than our standard size camouflage patterns.  Just give us a call if you don’t see the camo wrap you are looking for on the website.

Our custome Kyle said this about our vinyl wraps:  Here are a few pictures of my custom wrap job I did using your product. I was amazed how easy the material was to work with and how good it looks on my bike. The bike is a 2004 Yamaha R6.

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If you are looking for an inexpensive alternative to paint then you must take a look at our large selection of custom do it your self vinyl wraps for all types of powersports equipment.  “Why Paint….When you can WRAP”  PowerSportsWraps has the custom digital wrap for you.  Save money, time & grief call us today for the quality & service you deserve for your next vinyl wrap application. 

Call us today with your custom vinyl wrapping project and see how easy it is to DO IT YOUR SELF.  866-289-2358 


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ninja1.jpgninja-250.jpgLime Green Kawasaki Monster Bike

Monster scales wrapping film has arrived.  Our Lime Green Monster is a great pattern for the customer who want to stand out from all the rest.  We Offer Monster Scale wrapping film in a number of colors including: Black Monster, Lime Green Monster, Brown Monster, Red Monster, Purple Monster wrapping film.  Monster scales look great on Motorcycles as you can see from this customer who wrapped his Kawasaki completely in Lime Green Monster Scales.  If you would like to stand out from all the others take a look at this Monster link

Here were some comments he sent to us after visiting Daytona with his Monster Bike: I am starting to get more people asking questions about the vinyl wrap other than “looks good”, so hopefully people are starting to see the advantages of wrapping instead of painting. I led a group of 10 bikes out to Leesburg Bike fest this past Saturday and had a friend of mine scratch his tank with his tank bag in a couple of spots, so I said “see, if your paint was wrapped like mine, you wouldn’t have damaged the paint, just the vinyl if anything”. I have dropped sockets and parts on my tank while working on it and have not done any damage, so the vinyl offers a great level of protection to the bodywork.



Monster scales RedMonster Purple wrap materialMonster Lime Green Wrapping film material

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Camouflage Wraps – Hunting Camo – Camouflage Vehicle Wraps, Camo Covering Wrap, ATV camo decals

race car camo available at Power Sports Wraps
ATV Camo available at Power Sports Wraps
Jeep Camo available at Power Sports Wraps

Camouflage vehicle wraps are really becomming popular.  We do our best to give our customers a quality camo covering, superior products, 3M wrapping film and  all the knowledge and camouflage application phone tech support we can.  Along with this, each Camo kit we sell comes with: written application instructions w/photos, FREE SQUEEGEE TOOL, Free phone tech support, Free application video access and more.

We have Camouflage covering wraps for ATV’s, Race Cars, Trucks, Boats, motorcycles, Side X Sides and more….

Why is our Camouflage superior over the competition?  One of the main reasons is that we add a HARD PROTECTIVE LAMINATE over top of the camo print.  This greatly helps to protect the image from all the abuse you can give it like: scratches, scrapes, chemicals, UV, mud, snow, water and other elements that can take it’s toll on unprotected material like many of the other guys offer.  All PowerSportsWraps are subsurface printed for maximum protection and durability.

Most of the competition only uses a spray on laminate that has limited protective qualities.  When we combine our 3M vinyl and our protective cast laminate you are getting almost 5 mil thick material.  The competition??? less than 3 mil.  Thicker is the preference ….. wouldn’t you agree??

We know there is more to just selling Digitally printed Hunting Camouflage to online customers.  We take pride in the fact that we offer 12 officially licenced patterns of Camouflage wrapping film to our customers.  We have these patterns in stock and ready to ship:

Mossy Oak Break-up,   Mossy Oak Duck Blind,   Mossy Oak Obsession, 

Real Tree AP all purpose,   Real Tree AP Green,  and many more patterns of wrapping camouflage.

If you are serious about saving money on digitally printed hunting camouflage wrapping film you need to talk to us.  We will help you every step of your application making sure you are completely informed, ready & confident to apply your  wrapping camouflage material.

Here is a link to our camouflage web page, notice how crisp and clear our camouflage images are:

Call 866-289-2358 with any questions.