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Jeep Wrangler Color Change Vinyl Wrap- Toxic Green

Vinyl Jeep wraps are our specialty

Take a look at this Toxic Green Jeep Wrangler TJ that we wrapped.  This Jeep was solid Black before we started applying the wrapping film. This Toxic Green film has a matte finish and adds a totally new dimension to the look.  We offer hundreds of custom vinyl wrap patterns that you can choose from for your wrap or contact us about the many solid color vinyl wrapping films now available.  Contact us with your project needs. 

Jeep Wrangler Color Change Vinyl Wrap- Toxic Green

Jeep Wrangler Color Change Vinyl Wrap- Toxic Green

Jeep Wrangler Color Change Vinyl Wrap- Toxic Green

Jeep Wrangler Color Change Vinyl Wrap- Toxic Greenp

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Survivors Rupert Bonham’s Victory Vision 8 Ball Tie Dye Flame Bike wrap by

Rupert on the bike at the Long Beach motorcycle show.. showing off his Victory custom wrapped by
Rupert B signing autographs at the powersportswraps bike wrap shop
Rupert drives his Victory motorcycle to Erie, PA from IL to have it cusotm wrapped by
Rupert Bonham’s Victory motorcycle custom wrapped just for him by, Erie, PA
Victory Vision motorcycle wrap custom designed for Rupert from TV show Survivor by
Victory Vision 8 Ball saddle bag wrap in Tie Dye flame for Rupert Bonham of TV show Survivor
Tie Dye flame on Survivors Rupert Bonham’s Victory Motorcycle by

A few months back Victory Motorcycles contacted us about participating in a project for  They wanted us to wrap a new Victory Vision 8 Ball in Rupert’s trade mark tie dye effect.  We a bit of back and forth with regard to ideas & layout we were able to come up with a pattern that Rupert really liked.  It’s now called Tie Dye flame & is available on our website.  Rupert himself rode the bike to us from Ill & we applied the wrap here at the shop.  Once we were done the bike was trucked out to Long Beach CA for the Long Beach Motorcycle in mid Dec. The bike was unveiled in front of a great crowd & Rupert himself.  The bike was a big hit with all in attendance.  Here are some photos of the process & finished product.    If you have a bike wrap project feel free to contact us with your ideas.

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Guitar Rock Wrap, Vinyl wrap applied to a Shale rock that’s in the shape of a Guitar

Vinyl decal wrap on a slate rock stone in the shape of a guitar
vinyl wrap on a slate stone in the shape of a guitar, peel & stick wraps, do it yourself
vinyl wrap, guitar wrap, rock guitar, slate rock wrap, vinyl guitar, guitar image, stone wrap,

Yes, it’s true… a company first we wrapped a rock.  Our customer found a rock in the shape of a guitar while walking the a creek.  It just happens that her husband is the lead man in a very popular local blues band  Somehow she got the crazy idea to see if we could apply the remainder of the guitar elements on the rock along with their name so they can display it in there front yard.  What a cool idea…. & to my amazement it worked..

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P40 Warhawk Flying Tigers Shark Face bike wrap, peel & stick wraps… do it yourself

bike wraps, motorcycle wraps, stunts, wheelie, bike skinz, 636, 636 wrap, vinyl wrap, super stunter John Yaz, PowersportswrapsFlying Tigers bomber bike, P40 shark face sport bike wrap, do it your self bike wraps shop online PowerSportsWraps.comSport Bike wraps, do it yourself apply, flying tigers shark face bike wrap, create your own PowerSportsWraps.comP40 warhawk flying tigers bike wrap, peel & stick apply, do it yourself & save $$

This P40 Warhawk sport bike wrap can be created using our Dirty Aircraft Metal  vinyl wrapping film by the sheet & our all new Flying Tigers Shark Face element.  Each item is a peel & stick application so you can create the look you want.  Do it yourself vinyl wraps are our specialty, mix & match a variety of films for your own custom bike wrap look.  As you see in the photo we also applied our Kawidigi Kawasaki Green, White & Black Digital camouflage for that extra custom effect.

Our sport bike wraps are produced using high quality wrapping film with a Glossy or Matte sheet laminate applied over top of the image for that extra added protection.  This combination of the two films (wrapping film & sheet laminate)makes this product extra thick 4.75 mil & easier to apply, plus you have the ability to remove the wrap up to 4 years with little to no adhesive residue.  Contact us today for your custom  sport bike wrap.

phone: 866-289-2358



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Honda CBR Paisley Skulls Vinyl Wrap, Bike wraps, Motorcycle wraps, Skulls Vinyl Wrap

motorcylce decals, wraps custom design, create your own vinyl wrap send it to us we produce.. 814-838-6377Honda Stunt bike vinyl wrap, vinyl decals for stunt bikes, Stunt bike wraps, 814-838-6377 do it your self wrapsHonda CBR 600 Skulls wrap, installed by first time user, Smitty Skulls vinyl wrapPaisley Skulls vinyl wrap on Honda CBR 600 Under $300.00 bike wraps 814-838-6377

Special thanks to Johnathan (Smitty) Smith who submitted his custom design (PAISLEY SKULLS) vinyl wrap design to us for production.  Johnathan is a first time installer who had never applied vinyl wraps before.  He wanted a bike unlike anyone else in his riding group but didn’t have the funds for custom air brush.  He contacted us & said he had a custom design wrap for his CBR 600 he needed produced & the remainder is history as you can see…     Contact us for your custom vinyl wrap design or if you just need someone to produce the film for you, we can help…