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Guitar Rock Wrap, Vinyl wrap applied to a Shale rock that’s in the shape of a Guitar

Vinyl decal wrap on a slate rock stone in the shape of a guitar
vinyl wrap on a slate stone in the shape of a guitar, peel & stick wraps, do it yourself
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Yes, it’s true… a company first we wrapped a rock.  Our customer found a rock in the shape of a guitar while walking the a creek.  It just happens that her husband is the lead man in a very popular local blues band  Somehow she got the crazy idea to see if we could apply the remainder of the guitar elements on the rock along with their name so they can display it in there front yard.  What a cool idea…. & to my amazement it worked..

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Lightning Purple Golf Car Vinyl Wrap, Golf Car Decals, Wraps

golf car decal wrap in vinyl, just peel & stick do it yourself don’t paint cost under $400.00 to do this. call 814-838-6377lightning golf cart vinyl wrap for under $400.00 Wow save $$ Do it yourself applyGolf Car Wraps, Golf car decal, golf cart wraps, golf cart decal, decals, vinyl wrap, cart wrap, cart covering, car wraps, decal wrap, vinyl wraps, custom wrap, custom golf car wrap, vinyl decal wrap, Body Skinz, Body Skins, Golf car skins, Golf cart skinz, golf car skins, vinyl covering

This golf car was used as a demo car to promote golf car warps locally. It was
also used to create our golf car wrap video
to assist our first time users as they apply the wrapping film.

The best part of the car has to be the amazing vinyl wrap that has the skulls
& lightning effects in it.  This process is much more cost effective than paint & can
be applied by the average dealer or consumer which saves them money.

The car was a work in progress & we added parts as time progressed.  We also used
the car to prototype new parts for the golf car industry such as the carbon fiber rocker
kit, chrome steering tube, vinyl wraps & graphics kits.  See our complete line of
golf car products on our completely new website at:

If you have a golf car DON’T PAINT IT ….. WRAP IT!!!    CALL US & SEE HOW EASY IT IS…

Contact us with your wrap ideas & we can custom create a wrap just for you…