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Camouflage wrapping film install

Mossy Oak Camo Fender Flair Kit
Mossy Oak Camo

Wrapping certain things with camouflage film (like flair for your fender) can sometimes be tricky. Every little tip helps!





Cut Edges in Camouflage Film

Mossy Oak Fender Flair Kit
Mossy Oak Camo

This technique can be used when applying any pattern where more than one sheet has to be overlapped to continue the same pattern.

• Cut the edges prior to applying
• Try to avoid cutting directly on the application surface, as you may risk damage to the surface itself
• Apply first section of the Camouflage Film


Applying the Camouflage Film

Mossy Oak Camo Fender Flair Kit
Mossy Oak Camo

Cutting the edges where the Camouflage Film will overlap will make the overlay seamless and invisible.
• Once the first section of the pre-edged Camouflage Film has been applied, re-wipe with alcohol before you apply the next section.
• Wiping the film with alcohol ensures a clean, non-contaminated surface
• Apply next section of the Camouflage Film



These techniques will work for any patterned film, no matter how many sections it is cut into. Need help with your next Camouflage Film install? is here to help with all of your wrapping needs! Check out the complete line of Camouflage Wraps!

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Cannondale bicycle camouflage film… just peel & stick apply

Canondale bicycle wrap using Mossy Oak Duck Blind camo film… just peel & stick PowerSportsWraps.comBicycle wrap in Mossy Oak Duck Blind, Bike wrap 814-838-6377

Sam Richardson has the coolest bike in the woods. He wrapped his Cannondale mountain bike in our Mossy Oak Duck Blind Camo film.  He said so many people stop him to ask about the camo on his bike he just can believe it.  This is just one example as to how you can use our camouflage peel & stick vinyl wraps.  We offer patterns form Mossy Oak, Real Tree,  Digi, Digital camo, Urban camo even custom color camo.  Contact us with your next camo project.

Phone: 866-289-2358

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Mossy Oak New Break-up cabinets, camo film, Peel & stick camo, Hunting camp camo cabinets

Mossy Oak New Break-UP hunting camp cabinets, Peel & stick camo film, 3M camo, Diy camo, Cabinet camo, cupboard camo, 8114-838-6377Mossy Oak New Break-UP hunting camp cabinets, Peel & stick camo, Camo, Cabinet camouflage, Camo pattern Cabinets, from Powersportswraps.comMossy Oak New Break-UP hunting camp cabinets, purchase camo film from

How about these Mossy Oak New Break-Up cabinets?? Talk about a cool look for your hunting camp, yes, you can  wrap your kitchen cabinets or just about anything else in this amazing  Mossy Oak camo film. Spook Victor submitted these photos righ from his huting camp.  Imagine the impact of having your cupboards done up in this Mossy Oak pattern.   Just peel & stick this DIY camo over top of just about any smooth surface.   If you have a camo film project be sure you are getting a quality product, see what you need to know here on our camo FAQ’s page.

Phone: 866-289-2358

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digital camo wrap applied by customer for under $200.00. Toyota Tacoma digital camo rocker kit www.PowerSportsWraps.comDigital camo wrap, Toyota tacoma wrap, viny wrap on Tacoma, Camo rocker kit for under $200.00 call 814-838-6377

Digital snow camo  (part # CAM-283-UBA)applied to the rocker of a Toyota Tacoma truck.  This is just one example of how you can use our vinyl wrap products.  Let your imagination get creative by using our vinyl wraps to accent your Truck, Car, Bike, ATV, UTV or sports machine. We have over 200 vinyl wrap patterns available. Why paint when you can wrap?  Just think, custom digital effects that you can apply for a fraction of the cost of custom air brushing.  Take a look at our website & I’m sure you will agree based on price, quality & versatility this is the way to go when it comes to customizing your vehicle.    Don’t Paint it…. Wrap it!!

For this Toyota rocker project  our customer only used 3 standard sheets of our Digital camo to create this effect.  That’s less than $200.00 for a complete rocker kit for your small pick up.  Why wouldn’t you do it??


Order today 866-289-2358

See our full line of wraps:

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Wheel Chair, Wheelchair decals, Power chair, Wheelchair wrap, power chair graphics, Handy cap

Wheelchair decals in camo vinyl. Vinyl Wrap a wheelchair for $42.00. peel & stick applicaiton easy.. 814-838-6377

Wheelchair wraps & decals are inexpensive & easy to apply. Wrap a wheelchair for less than $100.00. Personalize your chair 814-838-6377 

Looking for an inexpensive way to dress up your wheelchair?  Don’t settle for that old boring factory color, dress it up & express yourself with your own custom wheelchair wrap.  We have over 206 wrap patterns to choose from.  Feel free to contact us for ideas or custom orders, we’d be glad to help..

All of our products are sold as do it yourself application, we provide you with everything you need to be succesful, just peel & stick…  Here is a comment from Audrey one of our first time users:  

Hello, my name is Audrey and my husband has muscular dystrophy. We searched for hours on the Internet in efforts to find ways to add a little style to his wheelchair. To my surprise, we had no luck finding any such site…until we came to yours. Your website provided us with all the information we needed and decided to give it a try. The wrap was easy to install and was exactly what we had hoped for. Now my husband can ride in style and even hunt in his chair. Thank you so much.


The wrap we used was Mossy Oak – Breakup. Only one sheet was used.

Audrey W


Yes, you can do it too…. give us a call and we can assist you with any questions you may have.


See our full line:

By phone: 866-289-2358



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Urban Camo Blue-Gray (Micro) is a super pattern to use if you are looking to cover a smaller surface area like this YAMAHA WR250X Super Moto bike.  As you can see this custom motorcycle wrap works very well for an application like this.  All of our Urban Camouflage is available in the “Micro” which is much smaller than our standard size camouflage patterns.  Just give us a call if you don’t see the camo wrap you are looking for on the website.

Our custome Kyle said this about our vinyl wraps:  Here are a few pictures of my custom wrap job I did using your product. I was amazed how easy the material was to work with and how good it looks on my bike. The bike is a 2004 Yamaha R6.

feel free to contact us at


If you are looking for an inexpensive alternative to paint then you must take a look at our large selection of custom do it your self vinyl wraps for all types of powersports equipment.  “Why Paint….When you can WRAP”  PowerSportsWraps has the custom digital wrap for you.  Save money, time & grief call us today for the quality & service you deserve for your next vinyl wrap application. 

Call us today with your custom vinyl wrapping project and see how easy it is to DO IT YOUR SELF.  866-289-2358