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Watch out for Golf Cart Graphics Pirates & Cheap imitation wrap thieves

Well, it finally happened.  We recently learned that we have individualls out there in Erie, PA who have no original ideas of their own so they have to Pirate and steal from us.  Yes it is true, we have a copy cat web site who has basically taken all of our original golf car wrap ideas, altered their web address to be very close to ours and is trying to feed off of  our unsuspecting customers.  GOLF CAR WRAP BUYERS BEWARE!!! 

 It’s really very sad when you have to stoop to this level to try to get business.   Even worse is the fact that we know who you are  and where you are.  All the years that we have known these individuals they have never changed.  You know who you are and who you are accountable to. That is why we choose to ignore what you are doing and continue to offer the Best GOLF CAR WRAP Service and Products we possibly can.

So to our loyal customers we say: BUYER BEWARE…  Don’t be fooled by copy cat looser individuals who have no original ideas of their own and who have never even applied a golf car wrap.  Yet they make claims of being in the golf car graphics industry.  Haaaa what a joke!!  Please be sure your custom golf cart wraps have the name or on them when you make a wrap purchase.

For more information on golf car graphics check out our sister site, the original:

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