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Wooden Nickel Buffalo Farm Truck Lettering

Wooden Nickel Buffalo Farm Truck Lettering from Sharper Images Graphics Erie, PAChevy Truck vinyl lettering & full color photo

How about this Chevy truck with a combo of vinyl lettering & full color graphics?  This is Buffalo Dan’s personal shop truck for the Wooden Nickel Buffalo farm Edinboro PA.  Dan had just got the truck painted & wanted to dress it up without getting to over the top.  You know the  saying, a picture says a thousand words… Yea, that’s exactly what the image on the door does.  With some time, Dan was able to find the image that fit what he was looking for in best describing his company.  We provided Dan with a number of sample design drawings & we tweaked them as he requested.  Here is the end result….. & Dan was very pleased which is our goal with every customer we have.  If you have a need for truck lettering, signs, decals, magnetics we can help… Contact us today to get your project started.  Signs, lettering , wraps, magnetics, pop displays, decals and more… Sharper Images Tint and Wraps in Erie, PA

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