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2012 Camaro SS Racing Stripe Kit- Custom Green Flames

custom 2012 Camaro SS Racing Stripe Kit- Custom Green Flames- PowerSportsWraps.com2012 Camaro SS Racing Stripe Kit- Custom Green Flames2012 Camaro SS Racing Stripe Kit- Custom Green Flames by powerSportsWraps.comchevy camaro green flame racing stripe kit by: we desgin to meet your desires.. peel & stick apply our kitsChevy camaro custom vinyl SS racing stipe kit provided as a do it yourself apply by:

Our customer Michael P. contacted us with a special request for his custom Camaro.  Michael wanted a realistic green flame to match some other parts he had installed on his car.  He requested some PMS color tones & with a bit of testing these custom SS Camaro green racing stripes were what we came up with for him.  Michael was very pleased with the project and took the time to send us some of his photos.  We have a number of Racing stripe styles and color combinations available for the new body style Chevy Camaros.  Feel free to contact us with your custom stripe project for your Camaro and we would be  happy to assist.  Our digital production process  involves 2 steps. 1 is our digital image that is printed on our high quality wrapping film. Step 2 is when we run the printed image through our sheet laminator, this adds a top layer of film over your printed image to protect it from the elements.  We offer matte or glossy laminate that you can choose from.  Let us know how we can make your Camaro come alive with vinyl graphics.  See more projects using our film.

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