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Ducati 999 wrap Bike wrap,

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Last year we were contacted by Julian Taylor Editor-in-chief of to assist on a track bike project.  He asked us if we would produce & apply a custom designed wrap that they had created.  We were excited to participate since we love bikes, racing & Ducatis so he did not have to twist our arm to hard to get us to agree.  The Ducati has a hot bodies race skins on it which were White when we got the bike.  We had to sand the complete body down with 400 grit wet- dry sandpaper. (special thanks to Brad Parmerter for the sanding)  Once the body was smooth we had to tape & paint all the areas that would be exposed, flat back so they did not stick out once the vinyl wrap was applied.  The above pictures are the final results of many hours of hard work.  You can see this bike & photos of the complete project at  they are doing a extensive article on the project.  This bike will be used for some 17 track day events this year & will appear at a wide variety of bike shows & meets throughout the 2010 season.  Julian is an instructor at both the Nelsons Ledges & Beaverrun race tracks here in the NE.


If you have a track bike or race bike & are looking to personalize it or have a custom motorcycle wrap produced feel free to contact us & we will come up with a look that fits..

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