817 TSK Shark Face
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Flying Tigers Shark Face


Add a bite to your project with our shape cut Flying Tigers Shark Face decal set. This kit is available in 2 sizes and style options. The 816 option has a thinner tongue and the 817 has a wider red tongue. You will receive the set of the shark face decals and a set of eyes. Use your imagination and let your personality come out with this versatile vinyl kit. Custom sizes available. 

General Wrap Application Instructions


Product Description

Comes with Application Squeegee Tool, 1 Adhesive Promoter and Instructions w/access to application video

Cast High Performance Air Release Wrapping Film paired with your choice of Matte or Glossy Cast Sheet Laminate.
Ultra Durable Sub Surface Image
UV, Scratch & Chemical Resistant
Do it yourself Easy Apply Peel & Stick Application

Additional Information

Choose Your Size:

#816-10×20, #816-6×12, #817-10×20, #817-6×12

Choose Your Finish:

Glossy, Matte


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